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Investment Management

This course will prepare you to describe how the SAP System can be used to monitor and manage capital investments and other large expenditures

Содержание курса

Complete business process for Investment Management Appropriation requests Planning and budgeting for investment programs and investment measures CO internal orders, projects, and maintenance orders as investment measures Settlement of investment measures to assets and cost centers Direct capitalization via purchase order/goods receipts Depreciation simulation Using equipment and maintenance orders in plant maintenance for large- scale servicing activities Investment Management Information System The SAP R/3 Project System, CO internal orders, and maintenance orders are only considered in this course in terms of their relationships to investment measures. This course does not cover configuration for implementing Investment Management. The emphasis is on using Investment Management for managing capital investments in the SAP R/3 System. Particular emphasis is placed on accounting issues. The special functions of maintenance orders are only addressed as far as they typically relate to investment projects and investment orders. The content of this course is appropriate for participants on the following SAP software releases: R/3 4.6, R/3 Enterprise Ext. 1.10/ 2.00.
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