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P8257G - IBM Cognos TM1 - Analyze and Share Data (V10.2) Training


Содержание курса

Содержание курса:

  1. Examine TM1 Components
    • Review performance management
    • Understand how TM1 enables performance management
    • Identify the TM1 user community
    • Describe the components of TM1
  2. Customize Cube Views in IBM Cognos TM1
    • Understand the solution a model represents
    • View cube data from difference perspectives
    • Use aliases to display alternate element names
    • Filter subsets to view only specific elements
    • Differentiate between static and dynamic subsets
    • Add user-defined consolidations in subsets
  3. Enter and Spread Data
    • Edit individual cells
    • Store private data in sandboxes
    • Spread data to multiple cells at once
    • Exclude cells from being adjusted
    • Enter data quickly using shortcuts
  4. Analyze Data using IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel
    • Connect to TM1 from within Microsoft Excel
    • Explore and analyze a TM1 cube
    • Build complex reports showing multiple cubes and views
    • Change data and commit it back to TM1
  5. Analyze Data using IBM Cognos TM1 Perspectives
    • Use slices and snapshots to export TM1 data to Microsoft Excel
    • Retrieve and send data to TM1 using TM1 worksheet functions
    • Create reports in Microsoft Excel and PDF formats
  6. Create Dynamic Reports with Active Forms
    • Create interactive reports and data input templates using Active Forms
    • Customize Active Forms using TM1 Functions
    • Apply formatting to Active Forms
    • Add Action buttons to enhance functionality
  7. Contribute to Plans using TM1 Applications
    • Explain the different application types and connection modes
    • Identify application user roles and workflow states
    • Enter data using shortcuts and spreading
    • Submit and reject data
    • Populate an application with external data by using IBM Cognos Insight
  8. Analyze and Enter Data in IBM Cognos Insight
    • Describe the uses of IBM Cognos Insight
    • Import data into a workspace
    • Explore and restructure data
    • Add calculations and highlight exceptions
    • Design a compelling workspace
  9. Explore Data and Edit Subsets in TM1 Web
    • Work with a TM1 cube view on the Web
    • Build simple and complex subsets in TM1 Web
  10. Organize and Distribute Content (Optional)
  11. Workshop (Optional)
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