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P8255G - IBM Cognos TM1: Administer the Technical Environment (V10.2) Training


Содержание курса

Содержание курса:

  1. Cognos TM1 Architecture
    • describe the IBM Cognos performance management (PM) system and Cognos TM1's role in PM
    • identify the components of the Cognos TM1 architecture
  2. Cognos TM1 Installation and Configuration
    • install Cognos TM1 components
    • configure Cognos TM1 components
  3. Administer Cognos TM1 Servers with the Cognos TM1 Operations Console
    • add your Cognos TM1 admin server and Cognos TM1 server to the Cognos TM1 Operations Console
    • check the health status of the servers
    • filter the statuses shown
    • dynamically monitor Cognos TM1 server threads
  4. Monitor Server Performance
    • use Cognos TM1 log files
    • monitor performance with control cubes
    • monitor Cognos TM1 server performance in real time
  5. Manage the Server
    • broadcast messages to clients
    • connect and disconnect users from a Cognos TM1 server
    • shut down a remote Cognos TM1 server
    • use the command line utility to execute operations
  6. Implement Cognos TM1 Security
    • identify Cognos TM1 authentication options
    • create users and groups
    • assign object security rights to groups
    • use rules to maintain security rights
  7. Maintain Applications
    • identify migration approaches
    • document objects in the CognosTM1 application
    • manage the application metadata
    • transfer data in Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler
    • identify backup approaches
    • create processes to back up data
    • plan for backup and recovery of CognosTM1 applications
  9. Use the IBM Cognos TM1 Package Connector (Optional)
    • install the Cognos TM1 package connector
    • import dimensions and a cube from a Cognos package
  10. Customize Business Rules (Optional)
    • describe a rule
    • review automatically generated rules
    • describe and re-order rule blocks
    • disable and enable auto-generated rules
    • review manual rules
  11. Replicate and Synchronize Servers (Optional)
    • describe the replication process
    • identify replication relationships
    • identify possible server configurations
    • replicate cubes
    • remove cube replications
    • synchronize replications
  12. Disaster Recovery Plan Template (Optional)
    • complete a disaster recovery plan
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